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Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Too cliche? Yeah, I thought so.  Anyway, this heart cake topper is completely edible and is easy to make! Plus, it is ready to use immediately. There is no drying time!

Wafer paper heart cake topper


1. Wafer paper

2. Small bowl of water

3. Paint brush

4. Scissors or Paper Cutter


I know it can be hard to find good quality wafer paper.  I get mine from Amazon and it has been fantastic!  In case you need some here is a link.



1. First, cut the wafer paper into even strips. For a small cupcake topper, I suggest 6 strips that are 1/4 inch wide and 4-5 inches long. For an 8″ cake topper, 1/2 inch wide strips that are 11 inches long is better.  You can adjust these sizes for your cake size.  For larger hearts, you may also want to increase the number of strips to 8 or 10.


The video below shows how I cut the strips.  It is so much easier and faster with a paper cutter!  I don’t know what I would do without mine!!



2. Place two of the strips back to back and attach them at the base with a small amount of water.  Only put water up 1/4-1/2 inch up the base.  A good rule of thumb is to apply the water up as high as the paper is wide.  For instance, a 1/4″ wide piece should have water up 1/4″ from the base.  The wafer paper will stick together almost instantly wherever there is water!  So be careful where you stick the paper together.  This point will become the point at the top of the heart.

Heart Tutorial Step 1


3. Next, take the two strips and bend them around to form the shape of a heart.  Attach the two strip at the base with a small amount of water, again only 1/4-1/2 inch up the strips. Be careful when adding water as it can quickly dissolve the wafer paper. Only a small amount is needed!

Heart Tutorial Step 2



4. Attach the next pair of strips at the top of the heart.  The strips should go into the crevice formed at the top of the heart.  Repeat step 3 with these next two strips and bend the strips around to form a heart, but adjust the placement of the strip so that a gap is left between the second and first strips. Don’t try to adhere the strip to the bottom point. Instead, adhere the strip as far up the side of the heart as needed to provide the desired gap.  It is ok if the heart looks like an oval at this point.  We will fix it later!

Heart Tutorial Step 4


5. Repeat step 4 with the third and forth set of strips (if using).

Heart Tutorial Step 5


6. Next, take the top point of the heart and bring it down to meet the group of strips as the bottom point. Use more water to glue it in place.

Heart Tutorial Step 6



7. Finally, adjust each strip by adding water and sticking the strips where needed for the look you want. Once wafer paper is sticking, it cannot be undone without ripping it. Be sure to only put water where you want the strips to stick to each other.

Heart Tutorial Step 7


8. Now you are done! Congratulate yourself on your heart cake topper that will amaze your guests and loved ones!  The cupcake topper (5″ strips) comes out to be around 2-3 inches wide.  The cake topper (11″ strips) comes out to be about 6 inches wide.

Wafer paper heart cake topper wide


Below is a video of making this heart cake topper for a 6″ or 8″ cake.  It is way easier to see what I am doing with the larger size topper!  Please forgive me that it isn’t a cupcake topper video.  The steps are identical for any size you want.


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Heart Cake Topper Pin


I used this heart cake topper on my Gluten Free / Sugar Free Red Velvet cupcakes.  You can find the recipe here.


Happy Baking!

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