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Sorry for the delay in getting this posted!  As I write this, it is the end of April.  Oops!  Anyway, here’s how February went.


Things exploded for me in February.  At the end of January, my Low Carb Sex-in-a-Pan took off.  This carried into February.  In January I only had 175 views and in February this escalated to 1,271 views!  Holy smokes!  That’s a huge increase, especially because February is a short month.  My revenue increased with the number of views as well.



Views 1,271

Visitors 1,040

Revenue $2.27


As you can see, I’m still working my way up to a full-time income, but the growth in one month is amazing!

So what did I do to cause this growth?  Not that much…  Not very helpful, is it?  My low carb Sex-in-a-Pan brought in a huge following.  I posted it back in February 2017.  Why is it taking off now a year later?  I have no idea!!  But I’ll take it!  I continued to post through Tailwind, always making sure my queue was full.  I also continued to use Google Adsense.  100% of my revenue is currently through Google Adsense.  I also use Share-a-Sale and Amazon Affiliates, but I have not generated income through these affiliate programs.


I had 3 posts at the end of January that were all Valentine’s Day related.  A really cute heart cake / cupcake topper, Low Carb Red Velvet Cake, and DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  This helped to boost my viewership as well.


At the end of February, I posted a Low Carb Mint Chocolate Delight recipe, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  I took my popular Sex-in-a-Pan recipe and converted it to be mint.  Not to toot my own horn, but I think the mint spin-off is better than the original!  *Spoiler Alert*  This version took off and really made a splash in March.  Instead of investing hours on new recipes, I think I might try using my base recipes in new ways.  For instance, blueberry muffins can easily be converted into cranberry orange muffins.



Until next time, Happy Baking!

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