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Hi there! I have decided to start showing my income reports.  I debated about putting these out there since it is still early for my blog.  But, I am really focusing on how to grow my blog and my income and I wanted to share what I am learning each month.  I hope that you find this information valuable and that it can help you as well.  I also think it will be fun to look back in 6 months from now when I see how far I’ve come!


December 2017 Income Report

In December, I published 3 posts.  And it was actually easier than it sounds.  December was such a stressful month with birthday parties, traveling, and of course Christmas shopping.  But I kept on top of my blog, too.  The way I did it was by publishing things I had already created.  One of my posts was for an Andes Mint Chocolate Cake that I made years ago.  Another was for a Sugar Free Vanilla Buttercream that I realized I never published!  The last one took more effort, but it was a labor of love.  I had been thinking about this Snowflake cake for ages and was so happy to finally get it out into the world.  In the end, I had enough work queued up that it didn’t take too much of my time.

The big thing I did differently in December was that I joined Tailwind.  I don’t know what I was waiting for!  This was a huge boost for my blog.  I went from having around 60 views per month to 146 views in December.  That’s double or triple my views just from Tailwind!  It was much simpler to set up than I expected and takes hardly any of my time to maintain.  I ended up signing up for the base level membership since I was using it so much.


If you decide to join Tailwind (and it is free so why not?!), I highly recommend joining tribes as well.  I found tribes that share my interests and we share each other’s content.  It’s one more way to get my content out there in the world.


On to the nuts and bolts of things.  Here are my December stats:

Views  146

Visitors  102


Not surprising to me, I did not have any revenue for the month.  I have been focusing on generating quality content and getting my views up.  What’s the point in having exactly the right ads if no one is there to click on them?  That will be my focus going forward, adding and maintaining revenue streams.


I’ll leave you with one last thought that I have been striving to live towards.

Future quote


Until next time, Happy Baking!

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