February 15, 2017 Amy 0Comment

I shared with you my bread fail earlier this month. Instead of making a bread that was soft and airy, I ended up with a dense, heavy bread. I am back at it with a second attempt. 

Last time I used regular yeast and all coconut sugar. This time i used fast acting yeast and did half coconut sugar, half brown sugar.  The texture of the dough was much better than last time. Last time the dough was very firm straight out of the mixer. This time the bread had some stickiness to it. The recipe shows the bread dough being closer to the consistency of batter than dough. So it is getting closer but something still seems to be a bit off. 

I let the bread rise the recommended amount of time, using my microwave as a warm and humid place for it to rest. However, it didn’t rise!  Maybe it did a little, but not much.  I went ahead and baked it anyway to see how it would turn out. After 50 minutes of baking, it still didn’t seem to be cooked through. It was extremely gummy and chewy. If you’ve done much GF baking, you know that these are signs that there is too much xanthan gum!  I will try reducing the xanthan gum from 2 teaspoons down to 1 1/4 teaspoon next time. 

Xanthan gum has a huge impact on baking. A little too much or too little can result in something inedible. I’ll continue to tweak it and see where the sweet spot is for this recipe. 

For now, this loaf of bread is toast. (See what I did there? 😉)  I will ditch this batch. But I will try again!  Practice makes perfect, right?  Tune in later this month to see how I get on with my next attempt. Will it work?!!  We shall see…