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I made a gluten-free bread from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I figured everything that you find on Pinterest works well at home, right?  Why not give bread a try?  I used this as my bake for Day 8 of my 30 Day Challenge.


On Pinterest it looked so light and squishy and everything you would want in a sandwich bread.  What did I end up with?  A brick.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration.  It was edible, but incredibly dense!  It was a bit of a surprise because there were a lot of ingredients just to make it rise.  There is yeast, baking powder, and you whip egg whites to stiff peaks.
So what went wrong?  Well, it’s just a guess right now, but my first culprit is probably the sugar.  I substituted coconut sugar in place of brown sugar.  The yeast may have needed that bit of brown sugar to do the job properly.  I will try adding a small amount next time!  I also substituted corn starch for potato starch.  Potato starch is so hard to find around here!  I don’t think this would make a difference in the final product, but something to consider.  Lastly, the proofing may have left a little something to be desired.  I left the bread to rise while sitting on a warm-ish oven.  It could have been in a warmer spot and may have risen more that way.


What Went Well

  • We found those hockey pucks we looking for…
  • I just love the way the butter sits on top and doesn’t sink it.  Then if you decide you have too much, you can just pour off the melted butter.
  • In all honesty, the taste was spot on.
  • It was a lot quicker to make than I expected!


What Didn’t

  • The bread didn’t cook properly all the way through.  This may be a xanthan gum problem, or maybe just a result of the rising.
  • The dough was not the right consistency coming out of the mixer.  It is supposed to be runny, like a batter consistency, instead of the dough-like consistency I got.
GF bread dough rising
Bread dough before rising


The dough was REALLY heavy.  To illustrate just how dense this bread was, a normal wheat bread slice is 1 ounce.  This bread (same thickness, slightly smaller size) is 2.5 ounces.  Holy cow!  That’s 2.5 times heavier!!


I think it’s safe to say that this is a FAIL on all accounts.  Perhaps I will give it another go later this month…  For now, this bread will be hitting the trash can.


30 Day Challenge Check-in

I’m over 1 week into this month-long challenge and I thought I’d give you a run down of how it is going so far.

Marriage: Good, very supportive husband through this

Kids: Normal

Waist Line: hmm…  maybe I should start measuring.

Weight: Up 4 pounds 🙁  I have to get rid of those damn cream puffs!

Sleep:  Too little


I have enjoyed my 8 days so far, but more importantly I have learned a lot.  There is so much in the baking world that I was too scared to try, mostly because I thought I didn’t have the time for it.  I can’t say I’m going to start baking every day after this challenge (I do have a 9-5 and kids and all), but I will definitely not be worried that it is too time consuming.


My blog pictures are getting better as I experiment more with different angles and lighting and backgrounds.  I have also explored using Facebook live!  Check out my first live here.  There’s so much I have learned and I’m grateful for this time to explore baking from another angle.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of the month turns out!


Tomorrow I will be baking gluten-free brownies.  Brownies are my all time favorite dessert, but I haven’t had a brownie since I went flour free.  I am half excited to have brownies again and half worried that they aren’t going to live up to my expectations.  Check back in tomorrow to see how they turn out.  To be notified of new posts, follow me!


Until then, Happy Baking!


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