January 9, 2017 Amy 1Comment

I have decided to challenge myself this month by baking everyday for the entire month of February. Ok, so February only has 28 days instead of 30.  But who’s counting!

My plan is simple.  Bake something new everyday and then blog about it. I feel like Amy Adams from Julie & Julia. I always wanted to be her.  *squeal* This does not include decorating. No fancy cake decorating concealing itself as baking. 

I’ll admit that I am a bit afraid to take this on. Ok, not just a little afraid. A LOT afraid. Am I going to be able to do it?  How late will I be up baking?  Will my kids join in?  Can my marriage withstand it?  Who is going to eat all this food??
I am hoping that I will learn more about the science of baking and I hope that at the end I will be a better baker.  I watch shows like The Great American Baking Show and am just awed at the variety of things these amazing men and women can bake.  I secretly want to grow up to be like them. 😊 I thought that the best way to come closer to that is to get out there and bake!

Who’s with me?  I’m sure there will be some flops and some home runs. But there’s only one way to see!  Check back in February to see my progress and all the wonderful things I am baking up. 

Have something you want me to bake?  Leave a comment below!


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