Mother of two, wife, engineer, cake decorator and baker.  Always striving for perfection.  The best compliment I can get is “I wouldn’t have even known it was [sugar / gluten / fill in the blank] free!”


I started this journey to develop baked goods that I could eat, which has then led me to dedicating myself to share these great foods with others. In 2014 I discovered that a major source of my chronic migraines was my blood sugar levels. White flour and foods with a high glycemic index (sugar, bananas, even honey) would all lead me to having a migraine. I quickly cut these foods out of my diet, but then what was left??

I love cake and cookies. It is a passion of mine to deliver exceptional cakes that not only look great, but taste great too. I naturally wanted to be able to enjoy these treats that I was making and from there, I developed numerous Sugar Free baked goods that were also free from white flour.  It is my personal goal to deliver  amazing baked goods for people that couldn’t otherwise eat them.  Just because you have dietary restrictions doesn’t mean you have to suffer.


I hope you enjoy this blog and follow me on this journey to discover the best that food has to offer.